The Springswich Chronicles

Spring 20, early afternoon
Lloyd's Journal

No rest for the wicked, it seems. It’s only been a few days since the showdown with Greymoor underground, and what was supposed to be a quiet day in the market turned into a mite of a bloodbath. One minute I was showing Iris the simple joy of flame-roasted corn (note: she seems to prefer the actual cob. Cat-lady quirk?), and the next some poor bloke is flying out a window and landing at Kathra’s feet. He said something to her that I didn’t catch, and then a large angry man with an axe was trying to kill us. And then he had friends.

Once we took care of them, the airborne fellow introduced himself as “Collin Sterling; like the silver!” Took me a minute to get that one, hopefully the others didn’t notice. As I was picking through the wreckage of his shop for something good, he explained that the men we’d just been attacked by were trying to hire him to find something big and bad and dangerous. From the way him and Kathra were talking, I got the gist that the Copperbeards have worked with him before, and also that this “thing” that these men wanted him to find would be better off not being found by anyone, except for him…. I’m still confused, to be honest. But it seems that we’ve been hired to go protect it. Or destroy it. I think I’d better ask Kathra…

So now we’re on our way into the mountains, having just been attacked by giant wolves and men on horseback. I have to admit, I was a total bad-ass in that fight. I was fending off riders, I was misty-stepping onto wolves (note: misty step is a pretty good name for that teleporting thing I can do; I should remember that); it was exciting. We’ve made camp just off the road, while Adaeryn uses some sort of complicated magic to repair some damage to the wagons.

Another excerpt from Lloyd's Journal
Spring 16, time unsure

Well, that was interesting. We managed to get some much-needed rest under the scaffolding without anyone murdering us, which is always a plus, and we went back to exploring the underground tunnels. We found a small library, with some very old and valuable-looking books (Note: Start the bidding between local scholars at around, oh, 100 gold?)

The library wasn’t entirely unoccupied, we accidentally stirred up a very big, very angry ghost; maybe we were talking too loud? It summoned some skeletons (from where, I’m not sure), which Adaeryn and I promptly used for target practise while the others set to work on the ghost. In between skeletons, I noticed the ghost trying to grab anyone who got close enough, and Kathra putting a hole in it’s chest with her hammer. It filled back in right away, but it was still really neat to see. I decided to try a diplomatic solution, see if I couldn’t get a few brownie points with Her Highness (Note: Mialee gets really annoyed when I call her that; do this at every opportunity), but failed miserably. Maybe ghosts are just naturally cranky.

Anyway, Mialee managed to really hurt it with one of those fancy light shows she does, and set it up nicely for Kathra to deliver the killing blow (Note: Can you kill something that’s already dead? Bring it up with Dannad next time I go to visit). The big fella cooked up a little tornado of old paper and parchments as he went down, all very dramatic, and our favourite elf noticed an important-looking scrap that we pocketed for later.

Our exploration continued into a really weird room filled with ZOMBIES, of all things. And you know how much I HATE ZOMBIES, so that was fun times. Of course, being completely insane, Iris and Kathra jump straight into the pit in the middle of the room and start slashing away, while we sensible folk stayed on the upper ledge and did our thing from a (mostly) safe distance. I gotta say, it took a little while to get used to it, but I’ve really gotten to like this “turn into mist, dart around” thing. Mialee and Adaeryn more than pulled their weight, Mialee’s Faith Lance (I think that’s what she calls it) really seems to work well on things that have already died once, maybe there’s something to that whole “divinity” thing after all. Maybe.

So, we get through the zombies, hurray for teamwork, all that, and it turns out that that parchment bit that Mialee found had the same whiff to it as a painting right next to the stairs that we came down earlier, and sure enough it turned into a door when we put the scrap in place. We went through, and I got stuck in a room with a horrible-spinning-statue-of-death-thing (and Kathra). The door locked behind the two of us, but I guess the other gals dealt with it, because they showed up before too long. I was finally able to put some of my other talents to work, getting into the gears and guts of the statue to get it to grind to a halt.

We took a quick break after that to recharge, and made our way into the next room. Finally, we caught up to the guys we’ve been looking for; the bandits put up a pretty good fight, and one ran away, but we at least managed to bring down the leader. My first attempt at a one-liner didn’t go very well, but we had some more AMAZING TEAMWORK OH YEAH in that fight, and I got another chance later. Not before he used a barrel full of some strange powder to BLOW UP THE BRIDGE THAT HE AND KATHRA WERE STANDING ON. I have to admit, the guy had style. Anyway, I managed to get the last word in that fight, before sending a shard of ice right through his heart (“Hey Graymoor! Have an ICE day.”)

So there we go. One less group of bandits to terrorize the city, and we’re on our way back to celebrate a job well done. I’ll probably buy a few rounds with some of that money from the blacksmith….

PS: Apparently Mialee cut THROUGH the door in the statue room, may want to rethink the annoying nickname

Lloyd's Journal
Spring, 15th day, mid-morning

We set out early this morning, before sunrise even, to get to the abandoned farm where Davven said the bandits would be expecting their delivery. Before we left, old Mrs Tubbens from downstairs came to ask for a cup of sugar; I managed to sneak a couple of the silvers I snuck from the smithy into the bottom without my new companions noticing. Mrs Tubbens needs the help, and I need to maintain my “cocky scoundrel” image with these folks. You know how it is, Journal.

Anyway, we used the wagon we took from Davven and the mule I liberated from a nearby stable to get the blunted weapons to the farm, where we found a heavily armoured guard ordering around some goblins, and a few wolves in a pen. I tried to smooth-talk our way inside, but it started to break down, and Iris apparently decided a dagger was the more efficient solution. We managed to get rid of the goblins and wolves without much fuss, but the guard ran away into the barn; it turns out there was a trapdoor into some sort of catacombs, and he had time to alert some kobolds there to our presence while we licked our wounds.

Not that any of that helped the kobolds.

We found the teleportation circle that the bandits had used to get away from the massacre we investigated yesterday, and met (among other things) a little arsehole of a drake who grabbed a gold piece right out of my pocket and flew off to it’s nest. I think Iris tried to make friends with it; she made cooing noises at the rafters for a few minutes, at any rate. We were exhausted after all that, so we’ve currently taken refuge under some scaffolding to catch forty winks, and hopefully Adaeryn will be able to spot any trouble that spots US.

More entries after I wake up, Journal.

OOC note: I did 25 damage to the Wurmpriest with ONE BLOODY HIT. ON MY DAGGER. That’s pretty damn awesome.

From Iris to Kathra, as she catches the latter up on what's happened....

Spring, 15th day, early morning

...and then we kept walking back to the city because we had to go into the Crack to find the bandits who were putting shoes on their horses and killing farmers which are BOTH horrible things that they’re going to have to answer for and it took a long time and your brother was saying something but I wasn’t paying attention to him because of this really cool squirrel that was keeping pace with us and he got angry and when we finally got to the Crack Lloyd told us “Everyone watch your coinpurse” and we got mugged by a halfling and some other thugs but we fought them off and I think we may have killed a couple but what did they expect to happen really when THEY were trying to kill US first and come to think of it that might have just been a really short guy and not a real halfling but it doesn’t matter now because we knocked him out and left him for the guards to find and then we went to see that dwarven smith oh what was his name what was his name OH RIGHT it was Davven or something and we tried to trick him into telling us where to find the bandits and I thought it was working at first but then he got mad and there was an orc trying to kill us and people are really angry in the Crack I think and there was a lot of fighting and Davven almost got away but your brother was really brave and went to make sure he didn’t but Davven must have had some dirty trick or something because he killed your brother and that’s sad because Ozrik was a really good guy although he was kinda grumpy sometimes but we still managed to catch Davven thanks to Mialee and we found out that one of the bandits placed an order for weapons and things that was going to be delivered this morning and we had the plan to go there and ambush the bandits and make them answer for the bad stuff they’ve done and oh yeah I just remembered that we found these awesome boots that I’m wearing and I’m really sorry that your brother died but he’s with Moradin now I guess so you’ll see him again someday and then we came back here to Lloyd’s place and I slept on the floor which wasn’t so bad because it was really clean and I don’t mind a little dirt anyway and then you found us and we need to get going soon so I’m going to see what’s for breakfast.

An excerpt from Lloyd's Journal

Spring, 14th day, mid-afternoon

Well, THAT was interesting. I was apprehensive at first, when that fleabitten Grimalkin told me the Queen had volunteered me for this “Special Defense” team, but they seem like a competent bunch. Got off to a bit of a rocky start with the ambassador’s daughter, but hey. The ranger, Iris something-or-other, is going to be a barrel of laughs; the wizard and the dwarf haven’t said very much yet, but the wizard’s got a good nose for magic, I’ll give her that.

Note: Ask Tooksbury where he got those tinted spectacles.

So, after the initial meeting, we absconded to one of the outlying farms, where it seems some bandits had slaughtered some honest farmers. Say what you will about MY criminal career, at least I’ve yet to kill anyone, much less any innocents. We snooped and we sleuthed, and the wizard and I (note: you’ll be working with these people, learn their names) found evidence of a teleportation spell. Oddly, it seemed to have nothing to do with the thinnys.

Interviewing the one survivor didn’t tell us much, just a physical description of two of the bandits and a name: Graymoor. Oh, and apparently there’s a damsel to save, or at least what’s left of her. The dwarf, Copperbeard, translated the runes on a dagger we found, and based on that we’re heading back into town to have a chat with good ol’ Davven. I overheard him saying something about a large order of weapons not so long ago; I’m hoping he’ll point us in the right direction. (note: pretty sure Davven owes me a few coppers. Check gambling log to be sure)

Well, we’ve had our bit of a breather and bit of lunch, time to get back to it. More later, Journal.


A Brief Introduction
Journal of Reginald Tooksbury, Aide to the Duke

Spring, Seventh Day

The Duke is becoming increasingly worried. The farming villages surrounding our fair city are becoming increasingly unstable. Bandit attacks are growing in number, and we only have so many guards to spread around the region.

I have taken it upon myself to form a team, a special defense force, if you will, to combat these threats. I have sent notices to each of our city’s finest institutions, requesting a volunteer to step forward and commit to the defense and stability of the city and its lands.

From the Miners guild comes one of its leaders; a Dwarven man tested time and time again by the creatures of the dark, a Paladin by the name of Orsik Copperbeard. As well, the fey of our sister city, Frosthorn, have volunteered a representative; a human man, seemingly endowed with fey powers, Lloyd Slate. He seems to be hiding something, and we’re having a devil of a time finding him, but I am not one to question our allies in the Feywild.

The clergy of the Platinum Dragon, as well, has given me the names of a few of their top pupils. The documents escape me now; I know I put them here somewhere. But needless to say, the services of the clerics and devotees of the dragon god are well-received.

I am sure his lordship Duke Walpole will appreciate the efforts of my new team. I can only pray they will succeed in bringing peace to our land.


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