The Springswich Chronicles

A Brief Introduction

Journal of Reginald Tooksbury, Aide to the Duke

Spring, Seventh Day

The Duke is becoming increasingly worried. The farming villages surrounding our fair city are becoming increasingly unstable. Bandit attacks are growing in number, and we only have so many guards to spread around the region.

I have taken it upon myself to form a team, a special defense force, if you will, to combat these threats. I have sent notices to each of our city’s finest institutions, requesting a volunteer to step forward and commit to the defense and stability of the city and its lands.

From the Miners guild comes one of its leaders; a Dwarven man tested time and time again by the creatures of the dark, a Paladin by the name of Orsik Copperbeard. As well, the fey of our sister city, Frosthorn, have volunteered a representative; a human man, seemingly endowed with fey powers, Lloyd Slate. He seems to be hiding something, and we’re having a devil of a time finding him, but I am not one to question our allies in the Feywild.

The clergy of the Platinum Dragon, as well, has given me the names of a few of their top pupils. The documents escape me now; I know I put them here somewhere. But needless to say, the services of the clerics and devotees of the dragon god are well-received.

I am sure his lordship Duke Walpole will appreciate the efforts of my new team. I can only pray they will succeed in bringing peace to our land.



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