The Springswich Chronicles

An excerpt from Lloyd's Journal

Spring, 14th day, mid-afternoon

Well, THAT was interesting. I was apprehensive at first, when that fleabitten Grimalkin told me the Queen had volunteered me for this “Special Defense” team, but they seem like a competent bunch. Got off to a bit of a rocky start with the ambassador’s daughter, but hey. The ranger, Iris something-or-other, is going to be a barrel of laughs; the wizard and the dwarf haven’t said very much yet, but the wizard’s got a good nose for magic, I’ll give her that.

Note: Ask Tooksbury where he got those tinted spectacles.

So, after the initial meeting, we absconded to one of the outlying farms, where it seems some bandits had slaughtered some honest farmers. Say what you will about MY criminal career, at least I’ve yet to kill anyone, much less any innocents. We snooped and we sleuthed, and the wizard and I (note: you’ll be working with these people, learn their names) found evidence of a teleportation spell. Oddly, it seemed to have nothing to do with the thinnys.

Interviewing the one survivor didn’t tell us much, just a physical description of two of the bandits and a name: Graymoor. Oh, and apparently there’s a damsel to save, or at least what’s left of her. The dwarf, Copperbeard, translated the runes on a dagger we found, and based on that we’re heading back into town to have a chat with good ol’ Davven. I overheard him saying something about a large order of weapons not so long ago; I’m hoping he’ll point us in the right direction. (note: pretty sure Davven owes me a few coppers. Check gambling log to be sure)

Well, we’ve had our bit of a breather and bit of lunch, time to get back to it. More later, Journal.




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