The Springswich Chronicles

Another excerpt from Lloyd's Journal

Spring 16, time unsure

Well, that was interesting. We managed to get some much-needed rest under the scaffolding without anyone murdering us, which is always a plus, and we went back to exploring the underground tunnels. We found a small library, with some very old and valuable-looking books (Note: Start the bidding between local scholars at around, oh, 100 gold?)

The library wasn’t entirely unoccupied, we accidentally stirred up a very big, very angry ghost; maybe we were talking too loud? It summoned some skeletons (from where, I’m not sure), which Adaeryn and I promptly used for target practise while the others set to work on the ghost. In between skeletons, I noticed the ghost trying to grab anyone who got close enough, and Kathra putting a hole in it’s chest with her hammer. It filled back in right away, but it was still really neat to see. I decided to try a diplomatic solution, see if I couldn’t get a few brownie points with Her Highness (Note: Mialee gets really annoyed when I call her that; do this at every opportunity), but failed miserably. Maybe ghosts are just naturally cranky.

Anyway, Mialee managed to really hurt it with one of those fancy light shows she does, and set it up nicely for Kathra to deliver the killing blow (Note: Can you kill something that’s already dead? Bring it up with Dannad next time I go to visit). The big fella cooked up a little tornado of old paper and parchments as he went down, all very dramatic, and our favourite elf noticed an important-looking scrap that we pocketed for later.

Our exploration continued into a really weird room filled with ZOMBIES, of all things. And you know how much I HATE ZOMBIES, so that was fun times. Of course, being completely insane, Iris and Kathra jump straight into the pit in the middle of the room and start slashing away, while we sensible folk stayed on the upper ledge and did our thing from a (mostly) safe distance. I gotta say, it took a little while to get used to it, but I’ve really gotten to like this “turn into mist, dart around” thing. Mialee and Adaeryn more than pulled their weight, Mialee’s Faith Lance (I think that’s what she calls it) really seems to work well on things that have already died once, maybe there’s something to that whole “divinity” thing after all. Maybe.

So, we get through the zombies, hurray for teamwork, all that, and it turns out that that parchment bit that Mialee found had the same whiff to it as a painting right next to the stairs that we came down earlier, and sure enough it turned into a door when we put the scrap in place. We went through, and I got stuck in a room with a horrible-spinning-statue-of-death-thing (and Kathra). The door locked behind the two of us, but I guess the other gals dealt with it, because they showed up before too long. I was finally able to put some of my other talents to work, getting into the gears and guts of the statue to get it to grind to a halt.

We took a quick break after that to recharge, and made our way into the next room. Finally, we caught up to the guys we’ve been looking for; the bandits put up a pretty good fight, and one ran away, but we at least managed to bring down the leader. My first attempt at a one-liner didn’t go very well, but we had some more AMAZING TEAMWORK OH YEAH in that fight, and I got another chance later. Not before he used a barrel full of some strange powder to BLOW UP THE BRIDGE THAT HE AND KATHRA WERE STANDING ON. I have to admit, the guy had style. Anyway, I managed to get the last word in that fight, before sending a shard of ice right through his heart (“Hey Graymoor! Have an ICE day.”)

So there we go. One less group of bandits to terrorize the city, and we’re on our way back to celebrate a job well done. I’ll probably buy a few rounds with some of that money from the blacksmith….

PS: Apparently Mialee cut THROUGH the door in the statue room, may want to rethink the annoying nickname



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