The Springswich Chronicles

Lloyd's Journal

Spring, 15th day, mid-morning

We set out early this morning, before sunrise even, to get to the abandoned farm where Davven said the bandits would be expecting their delivery. Before we left, old Mrs Tubbens from downstairs came to ask for a cup of sugar; I managed to sneak a couple of the silvers I snuck from the smithy into the bottom without my new companions noticing. Mrs Tubbens needs the help, and I need to maintain my “cocky scoundrel” image with these folks. You know how it is, Journal.

Anyway, we used the wagon we took from Davven and the mule I liberated from a nearby stable to get the blunted weapons to the farm, where we found a heavily armoured guard ordering around some goblins, and a few wolves in a pen. I tried to smooth-talk our way inside, but it started to break down, and Iris apparently decided a dagger was the more efficient solution. We managed to get rid of the goblins and wolves without much fuss, but the guard ran away into the barn; it turns out there was a trapdoor into some sort of catacombs, and he had time to alert some kobolds there to our presence while we licked our wounds.

Not that any of that helped the kobolds.

We found the teleportation circle that the bandits had used to get away from the massacre we investigated yesterday, and met (among other things) a little arsehole of a drake who grabbed a gold piece right out of my pocket and flew off to it’s nest. I think Iris tried to make friends with it; she made cooing noises at the rafters for a few minutes, at any rate. We were exhausted after all that, so we’ve currently taken refuge under some scaffolding to catch forty winks, and hopefully Adaeryn will be able to spot any trouble that spots US.

More entries after I wake up, Journal.

OOC note: I did 25 damage to the Wurmpriest with ONE BLOODY HIT. ON MY DAGGER. That’s pretty damn awesome.



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