The Springswich Chronicles


From Iris to Kathra, as she catches the latter up on what's happened....

Spring, 15th day, early morning

...and then we kept walking back to the city because we had to go into the Crack to find the bandits who were putting shoes on their horses and killing farmers which are BOTH horrible things that they’re going to have to answer for and it took a long time and your brother was saying something but I wasn’t paying attention to him because of this really cool squirrel that was keeping pace with us and he got angry and when we finally got to the Crack Lloyd told us “Everyone watch your coinpurse” and we got mugged by a halfling and some other thugs but we fought them off and I think we may have killed a couple but what did they expect to happen really when THEY were trying to kill US first and come to think of it that might have just been a really short guy and not a real halfling but it doesn’t matter now because we knocked him out and left him for the guards to find and then we went to see that dwarven smith oh what was his name what was his name OH RIGHT it was Davven or something and we tried to trick him into telling us where to find the bandits and I thought it was working at first but then he got mad and there was an orc trying to kill us and people are really angry in the Crack I think and there was a lot of fighting and Davven almost got away but your brother was really brave and went to make sure he didn’t but Davven must have had some dirty trick or something because he killed your brother and that’s sad because Ozrik was a really good guy although he was kinda grumpy sometimes but we still managed to catch Davven thanks to Mialee and we found out that one of the bandits placed an order for weapons and things that was going to be delivered this morning and we had the plan to go there and ambush the bandits and make them answer for the bad stuff they’ve done and oh yeah I just remembered that we found these awesome boots that I’m wearing and I’m really sorry that your brother died but he’s with Moradin now I guess so you’ll see him again someday and then we came back here to Lloyd’s place and I slept on the floor which wasn’t so bad because it was really clean and I don’t mind a little dirt anyway and then you found us and we need to get going soon so I’m going to see what’s for breakfast.



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