The Springswich Chronicles

Spring 20, early afternoon

Lloyd's Journal

No rest for the wicked, it seems. It’s only been a few days since the showdown with Greymoor underground, and what was supposed to be a quiet day in the market turned into a mite of a bloodbath. One minute I was showing Iris the simple joy of flame-roasted corn (note: she seems to prefer the actual cob. Cat-lady quirk?), and the next some poor bloke is flying out a window and landing at Kathra’s feet. He said something to her that I didn’t catch, and then a large angry man with an axe was trying to kill us. And then he had friends.

Once we took care of them, the airborne fellow introduced himself as “Collin Sterling; like the silver!” Took me a minute to get that one, hopefully the others didn’t notice. As I was picking through the wreckage of his shop for something good, he explained that the men we’d just been attacked by were trying to hire him to find something big and bad and dangerous. From the way him and Kathra were talking, I got the gist that the Copperbeards have worked with him before, and also that this “thing” that these men wanted him to find would be better off not being found by anyone, except for him…. I’m still confused, to be honest. But it seems that we’ve been hired to go protect it. Or destroy it. I think I’d better ask Kathra…

So now we’re on our way into the mountains, having just been attacked by giant wolves and men on horseback. I have to admit, I was a total bad-ass in that fight. I was fending off riders, I was misty-stepping onto wolves (note: misty step is a pretty good name for that teleporting thing I can do; I should remember that); it was exciting. We’ve made camp just off the road, while Adaeryn uses some sort of complicated magic to repair some damage to the wagons.



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