• Adaeryn


    Cat-friendly wizard's apprentice
  • Adaeryn's Cat

    Adaeryn's Cat

    Team cheerleader
  • Davven Ironhouse

    Davven Ironhouse

    Unsavoury Dwarven blacksmith
  • Duke Walpole

    Duke Walpole

    Ruler of Springswich
  • Iris ElderRowan

    Iris ElderRowan

    Shifter ranger finding her place in Springswich and the world
  • Kathra Copperbeard

    Kathra Copperbeard

    "I miss you brother, and with Moradin I will build the world you wished for."
  • Lloyd Slate

    Lloyd Slate

    A young thief from the slums who found himself under the eye of the Winter Queen.
  • Margery Goode

    Margery Goode

    A simple farmer's wife
  • Mialee Oranest

    Mialee Oranest

    The daughter of a diplomat and a member of the clergy of the Platinum Dragon, she joins the party at the urging of her parents and fellow clergymen. As a healer and cleric, expecting injuries to come of the adventures, she hopes to be of some use.
  • Ozrik Copperbeard (R.I.P)

    Ozrik Copperbeard (R.I.P)

    Though the years have taxed his spirit, there is still a fire as great as Moradins Forge within his heart.
  • Reginald Tooksbury

    Reginald Tooksbury

    Aide to the Duke, creator of Special Defense